Chris Johnson, Photographer

Chris Johnson has had a life long interest in photography and dabbled with film photography in his late teens however gave up due to the frustration with his limited technical knowledge. Once digital cameras became affordable the lure to photography was, once again, too great to ignore. Around 5 years ago, he became serious about learning his craft and read everything he could get hold of about photography, along with attending workshops and courses whenever his busy job would allow.

Chris enjoys most genres of photography but wildlife and landscape are the areas that have most captured his imagination. He has a passion for nature in every form and uses the media of photography to illustrate his feelings toward this. He strives to capture some of the beauty of the natural world and the emotions that are evoked by it.

In producing an image, Chris first needs to feel a connection with the subject and then composes a picture which captures with great clarity a single moment in the life of the subject whether it be a wild Cumbrian landscape or the flight of a hawk.

Chris aims to take the influences of great nature photographers and add his own approach. His style is developing towards images which have a strong uncluttered composition with harmonious colour palettes and a narrative quality.

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